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Survivalist Food Update

-- Jan 20th, 2012

Freeze Dried Fruit and Veggies:

Survivalist Food Now Has Freeze Dried Fruit and Veggies! We are constantly asked when are you going to get fruits and vegetables. We are happy to announce, the time is now.

We now offer fantastic choices for freeze dried fruit and freeze dried vegetables Each of these are offered pre-sale only. We will receive our first shipment in February and we will ship as soon as we get it. We will not charge your card until your order ships. Thank you.  

Emergency Prepardeness Japan & Bulk Food Storage


We are now able to serve over 200 countries and specifically being to provide emergency food storage to Japan. We represent the very best in freeze dried food storage with Wise Food. Wise Food Storage makes a fantastic fully prepared meal that make for perfect ideal long term food supply. We are happy to be able to ship Wise Food Storage to Japan. Having a good emergency preparedness plan is now that much easier.

Japan Emergency Preparedness Food

Online Ordering instructions for Japan is Now Available! has partnered with iGlobal to provide emergency food storage internationally! Orders that ship to the Japan do incur a shipping cost, however the good news is the free shipping amount that we credit in the 48 continental United States is automatically credited to you. This provides us the ability to provide the very best in international shipping prices! Our partnership with iGlobal also allows us to ship to over 200 countires and charge in that countries currency.

Currently delivery times to Japan Residents from the time you place your order are approx.2-3 weeks.

Ordering Process For Japan Long Term Food Storage Add the desired products to your cart and when finished adding products, Checkout. When you go through the checkout process you will notice a button like this.

Click on this button to continue checking out. We partner with iGlobal to ship our products to Japan. Working with iGlobal and their international shipping expertise is a key in us being able to ship your order affordably and reliably.

Questions on Shipping to the Japan Please let us know if you have any questions by using the contact form or email address found on our Contact Us page.

Emergency Bulk Food Storage and Survival Kits for Japan

Survivalist foods only sells Wise food storage. Why? Because Wise is the very best in long term and bulk food storages. These meals are so fantastic that we've decided to try and let the world know more about these. We've been selling Wise Foods freeze dried meals for the past number of years and have many repeat customers in the US and Canada. More and more we are selling to international customers. These meals are a perfect option for individuals of famliies looking to prepare for any type of emergency. Wise's unique product packaging is a key reason for this. The meals are individually wrapped in mylar pouches. These mylar pouches are nitrogen flushed and airtight. These nitrogen flushed pouches are placed in sturdy plastic air tight containers. The food storage containers can be moved easily and stored in small spaces. The buckets are very stackable. All of the wise food storage meals carry a 25 year shelf life that eliminates the worry of having to rotate the food.

60-120 Serving Kits

240 Freeze Dried Meals

360 Dehydrated Meals

720 Ready to Eat Meals

1080 Bulk Food Storage

1440 Freeze Dried Food

2160 Bulk Dried Foods

2880 Survival Food

4320 Long Term Food


Emergency Preparedness Kit
Receive a FREE emergency/survival kit when placing an order over $200. The more food storage you order, the greater your selection of kits to choose from.

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Survival Food Brochure

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