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Survivalist Food Update

-- Jan 20th, 2012

Freeze Dried Fruit and Veggies:

Survivalist Food Now Has Freeze Dried Fruit and Veggies! We are constantly asked when are you going to get fruits and vegetables. We are happy to announce, the time is now.

We now offer fantastic choices for freeze dried fruit and freeze dried vegetables Each of these are offered pre-sale only. We will receive our first shipment in February and we will ship as soon as we get it. We will not charge your card until your order ships. Thank you.  

Survival Food: Emergency Insurance Against Starvation

Survival Food is Insurance Against Starvation For Emergencies

What is emergency insurance? Emergency insurance is all about protecting the things that are most important to you with long term survival food storage. There are a number of reasons to carry emergency insurance. Most of us carry insurance for cars, life, dental and health. These make a lot of sense to protect us in case of emergencies. Insurance can save us from from a financial meltdown by protecting us when we need it most. So then, what about emergency insurance?

Survival Freeze Dried Food

Is emergency insurance a good idea?

A key to survival is food and water. If a natural disaster, man made disaster, financial disaster, job loss, illness and food shortage were to occur, would we be protected? We can’t live longer than a couple weeks without food and even less time without water. Survivalist Food provides fantastic options for your emergency insurance needs. We feature freeze dried meals from Wise Food. Wise food has designed emergency food packs and emergency survival kits for individuals and families. These are meals that insure long term food storage for your loved ones. These meals carry a 25 year shelf life to provide some serious peace of mind. We provide emergency insurance in the form of Survival food to Canada and the US, and now we extend emergency insurance internationally through our website, survivalist food. We’ve heard for years from folks in the US and now from our friends in Canada in regards to Canada our survival food. More and more we are seeing international customers looking at emergency food storage. Our freeze dry meals are perfect for US emergency preparedness and Canada emergency preparedness. Now is a great time to be prepared for any disaster that may occur by stocking up on long term food storage. How much emergency insurance will I need?

Wise Food Storage

60-120 Serving Kits

240 Freeze Dried Meals

360 Dehydrated Meals

720 Ready to Eat Meals

1080 Bulk Food Storage

1440 Freeze Dried Food

2160 Bulk Dried Foods

2880 Survival Food

4320 Long Term Food


Emergency Preparedness Kit
Receive a FREE emergency/survival kit when placing an order over $200. The more food storage you order, the greater your selection of kits to choose from.

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Survival Food Brochure

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